What I love from shops 1 - MILK

So as you know I recently moved to the UK so all the things and products are so new and different from those I used in my life before.

Ok, so I think I am going to start from "milk" product alternatives and first off all milk by himself. I can use just soy milk because in another type of milk they put sunflower oil or lecithin, and as you know I have an allergy for that. So I liked to use Alpro soy milk, but recently, I discovered that the best one, for very good price and has the biggest percent of soy is the one from ASDA. They changed the look of pack recently, but the price is still the same.

Another product that I been liking a lot is yogurt. Yes, a lot of ALPRO yogurt and desserts are very good (and I am in ALPRO Coconut one at the moment), but I buy them just when I can't find anything else in the shop.
My new discovered product is TESCO Free From line yogurt.  And especially the one with peaches.

Cheese. I came back in eating "cheese", but now trying to avoid that as much as possible. My first one that I tried a long time ago, is from Violife and it is possible to find that in the UK. But I can honestly say, that the Tesco Free From line cheese is as good, especially the creamy one, I could say it is even tastier.

Sad that ASDA doesn't have more products from this line. Other big supermarkets are too far away from me so I could not try their product. But please feel free to write in comments if you have any other favourite brands and products to try.

And in the end, as always I want to say, that this post was not sponsored, it is my one opinion and experience.

Coming next...

Monday as sunday :)

Have you missed my last Sunday post? I know, I haven't uploaded anything on that day, just because there was no electricity in my house in the afternoon, and also no Internet, so could not even write a post, just because my laptop is now not working without being plugged to electricity.

But I am finally here again. Just because yesterday I spent all day in Liverpool, I am trying to write something today.

I have brought some new stuff yesterday and today got some books from the book depository. I really like book depository, because here you can get a lot of books in one place and off course in very good price. And the best thing about them is that they send everything for free. I will update this post as soon as I get these books.
The other 2 things I bought yesterday are bags from River Island.The other 2 things I bought yesterday are bags from River Island. First of all, the shopping bag, I like to have that kind of bags, because of course, they are environment-friendly, can be used for the very long time, comfy and of course very pretty. And I would not be me if I would not by one with dog :)

Another one is a regular handbag. As you know I moved to the UK recently and I could not bring all I wanted with me from home, and from another side, I just don't have a lot of these at home, so decided to by one in here. I was in love with this bag from the first day I so it in shop and was waiting for so long, trying to find out if I really want that and if I really need that (because I promised myself I will try to start living new life without lot of stuff, that is some time really not necessary and will try not to be impulsive buyer. That I could say is not working properly recently :)  )

Another thing I grabbed that day are these amazing shoes from Debenhams. I mean just look at that, they are so cute. I always wanted neutral looking high heel shoes, that could be warned not just for the day out but also in the more regular day. I am trying to change my style a little bit and to wear more women elegant style. And I know I wanted to live life with as less stuff as possible, but I could not leave them in a shop, especially that they fit me so good (I was hunting for these for about 4 years now, and none of them fitted my foot properly).

So hopefully I will upload regularly every Sunday now, because as I said last time I have so lot that I want to share with you.

And of course, I want to mention, that none of my posts is not sponsored by any of companies, is my personal choice and opinion.


100 years

No, seriously, it's been "100 years"I have posted anything on this page. But I never give up and I think now it's the perfect time to start doing this again.

I recently moved to the UK. FINALLY my dream to live in UK or Spain come true. I know these two countries are not comparable, but they both are beautiful, interesting and welcoming own way.

From today, I will try to blog more often, because so a lot of things are happening in my life and also so much new I find in shops, explore new places and try to visit new cafes and restaurants.

And again I want to remind, I live life without wheat, rye, sunflower, meat, fish, dairy.

So I now live in Merseyside area, close to Liverpool, but not very far away from Manchester. In a smaller city, but also very charming and beautiful.

4 years ago I come to Liverpool to study English and me totally in loved with that city. And now, I am so happy I come back (I now, not exactly in Liverpool, but almost and I can move there later).

I spend one beautiful Saturday in Liverpool, visited old places. I had lunch in Pret Amange. I like this line because it is always possible to find vegan options in there. So that day I had amazing cold green tea (and it's the best cold tea I ever had before), salad and coffee with soy milk.
I am sad they don't have much to chose from gluten free (wheat and rye free actually, but it is easier to say like that :)  )

I also went to Matta's International Food shop. They have so many healthy and vegan-friendly foods. And with good price also. I picked several products I used to use before but also tried some new.

These Organic Sea Cakes tasted incredible. They reminded me smoked cheesecakes I used to eat when I was snot vegan.

And this Montezuma's ginger chocolate, very tasty, very simple

And then I visited Marc & Spencer I found these PEA SNAPS, the only ones in a regular shop that don't have sunflower oil in them. But at the same time, I was very surprised of the taste and how filling they are. In one big pack, you get 5 small one's, so it is very suitable because you can take them everytime you go somewhere (work, school, travel, picnic and etc.).

The only sad thing is that I still could not find vegan, gluten free bread, so will need to post from another country.

Just wanted to mention, that this post is not sponsored by any of brands mentioned above. It is my personal opinion and choice.

See you next time, with more about my life in the United Kingdom


Cold green soup

I don't know how you guys, but I like soups. Of course it is usually winter time when we want something warm, but I some times want soup on summer too. Soup gives the sens of fullness very quickly and can be made in so different types: thick or liquid, with lots of ingredients or just with few of them.
I think the most popular cold soup in my country in Cold beetroot soup. I told you about them earlier and the vegan versions of it you can find in other post of this blogg.
Another cold soup that is loved is cold soup of sorrel (that in reality is also made with kefir). But just because I never liked it that much, I haven't tried to do vegan version.

So, one day, awesome youtuber and blogger Jenny Mustard published 2 min cold soup recipe. Just because I don't eat lots of ingredient she used, being inspired by her idea, I decided to make my own version of Cold Green Soup.

The video of how to make this soup you can find in my youtube page

And the full recipe is here:

- Coco milk (400 ml) - I used the thick version of it, because I think it is more natural
- Cup of sprouted Mungo beans
- Cup of fresh or frozen green peas
- 3 heads of fresh broccoli (or can use frozen one )
- Handful of spinach (I used fresh ones but it is OK frozen)
- Handful of zucchini peels (I leave them when making zucchini noodles)
- Salt, cayenne pepper and turmeric according to your taste (for me it was OK 2 pinches of each)
- Water as required

 So put all ingredients (except spinach) in to the blender and blend until everything is going to mix. Then put spinach and blend again until is smoothie. Water you can put from the beginning or put gradually while blending and looking what consistency you want. I used 2 cups of water.

On the top put fresh pear, corns, pickled beetroots and etc.

As always I made to much for my self to eat in one day. So used rest of soup for other recipes. In on day I ate with oven baked potatoes like source, and for other day mixed with rise noodles and other vegetables.

Have a good time. Never stop trying and tasting new recipes.


3-day smoothie challenge

Ye, I made it.

Being inspired by amazing, very warm person fullyrawkristina I decided to make my 3-day smoothie challenge. I did it because I wanted to detox and clean my self a little bite. 

My challenge was that I drunk smoothies for 3 days and made same exercises, bath and relaxing day. I must say, that just because I am working person, and I do not have possibility to do smoothies at work, I ate some regular zucchini salad in the first day during the lunch. And then during other days I had fresh fruits and berries as a snack. 

So lets get started:

Friday, day 1, morning starts with some callanetics fitness. After that I had this smoothie
Banana, nectarine, oat, maca powder, linseed
The taste was just amazing. And I was so much surprised that after this smoothie I didn't want to eat quite long. 

Then as I said before, I had some salad for lunch (sorry but don't have photo of that)

Friday, day 1, for dinner I had this type of smoothie
Banana, apple, sweet cherries
So, the first day ended and I was proud of my self. I didn't have any unwanted side effects.

Saturday, day 2, morning as always starts with very good callanetics fitness, after that glass of still water, and for breakfast
Pear, celery,  coriander, zucchini, orange juice
That green smoothie was so amazing, I couldn't even imagine to be that tasty. After that I went to market, to by some bananas and strawberries, and spinach for the smoothies of next days. And went to work.

I came back home at 15 o clock and for lunch had
Fresh banana, fresh strawberries, frozen banana, cashews
Well strawberries are not my favourite berries, but they are so good when putting in smoothies or combining with other vegetables in salad. After almost one hour I went for cycling. And did 15 km, 200 calories burned. When came home, had warm bath to clean my detoxifying body (after not having hot water for the hole week, that was like haven (yes, yes I know I am victim of socialisation and hot water)).

And what could be better for dinner then this gorges smoothie
Apple, celery,  half cucumber, carrots
It was a little bit to thick for me, but putting hole carrots you don't need to wait anything else. Next time I will try to do the same with carrot juice.

Sunday, day 3, starts without fitness, but with big jar or water. And after about half an hour I made this breakfast
Banana, celery,  zucchini, mungo beans, spinach
Green smoothie, the good start for upcoming day.

My day passed so quickly, but I spent it relaxing at home, and reading very good book about rout to Santjago De Compostela. Watched movie (SPY, 2015), I lough so much. And on lunch I had this very tasty berries smoothie 
Banana, frozen black currants, fresh blueberry, blackberry

And this one was my last one. Just because is still very cold in my country (at least for me), I got frozen, so for rest of the day decided to have some fresh sweet cherries and black tea (that I know doesn't mach with cleaning challenge at all).

In those 3 days I went to toilet very rarely and did very small amount. I lost 1 kg. I felt energetic during all days, but in second day I wanted to eat so much.

In conclusion I want to say, that I will definitely repeat this challenge some day, when it will be more warmer and when I will have opportunity to drink smoothie all the time.
I think my next challenge will be to eat mono meal for 3 days.

Good lunch for everyone.

P.S. I want to confirm, that all the smoothies were made by my self and all recipes are my own creations.


Unbaked cupcake

As I promised before I am putting a recipe of cup cake from my Birthday.

It's not me who created this recipe, it was girl who named her self as coconutalmondrecipes
In my priviest post I put direct link in to her page, but because it is not working at the moment, I decided to put it in my page. Hope that she is not going to be made on me :)

So you will need:
* 1 can of chickpea
* 1/2 cup of nut butte
* 1/2 cup of mil
* 6 - 8 dates
* 1 tea sp. of vainly

Very good dried and soaked chickpea put in to the food processor.
Nuts butter you can use what ever you want. I used almond butter, which I made by my self.
Milk is of your choose (almond, soy, oat and other). I used the top of coconut milk, that thick cream.

All ingredients we put into food processor and mix almost for 1 minute. Taste, if it is not enough of sweet for you, you can put dates or put some syrup of your taste.
The mass you get put in to the forms of your choice and freeze for 4 hours.


A little bit of sweets

In these couple days, when the sun started shinning a little bite stronger, lot of people in my country rushed to undress and started eating ice cream.
I am not warm at all, but thought, why do not enjoy with them. The healthy ones, that don't have lot of calories, of witch you can eat and don't think, don't be worried about fats and growing kilos, and pimples.

And there is my STRACCIATELLA vegan ice cream:

- First of all take very very good ripped bananas and put them in the freezer (I put 3  bananas in to the plastic food container and freeze one day)

- Wen frozen put bananas in to food processor and mix until solid mass (if needed mix in the process)
- With grater grate dark chocolate and some of it mix very slowly in to the mass.
- Some of the chocolate I left to put on the top.

And veil. BON APPETITE!!!